Thermal Break

Thermally broken systems are used to create insulated windows and doors,

with high levels of thermal performance.


If your window or door is going to be separating two different climates, the inside and the outside of a home for instance, you must use a window or door system that is thermally broken.


A thermal break means that there is a non-conductive material separating the internal metal frame with the external. This is imperative for external windows and doors. Aluminum and other metal products conduct heat/cold very easily. If you do not have a thermal break within the metal framing (as is the case with lots of traditional metal windows and doors) the internal side of the metal frame will be the same temperature as the external frame.


In winter or in colder climates this will cause the internal face of your metal window frame to become very cold, bringing in cold drafts from outside and creating a prime location for condensation and frost to form.


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