Thermal Break

Thermally broken systems are used to create insulated

windows and doors, with high levels of thermal performance.


If your window or door is going to be separating two different climates, the inside and the outside of a home for instance, you must use a window or door system that is thermally broken.


A thermal break means that there is a non-conductive material separating the internal metal frame with the external. This is imperative for external windows and doors. Aluminum and other metal products conduct heat/cold very easily. If you do not have a thermal break within the metal framing (as is the case with lots of traditional metal windows and doors) the internal side of the metal frame will be the same temperature as the external frame.


In winter or in colder climates this will cause the internal face of your metal window frame to become very cold, bringing in cold drafts from outside and creating a prime location for condensation and frost to form.


We offer services to thermally break profiles for windows and doors right here in Toronto.

Thermal Break Solutions

Here, at WINTÜR we deeply value the significance of energy efficiency and thermal effectiveness in today’s construction ventures. We take pride in introducing state of the art break solutions crafted to elevate the energy efficiency, comfort and sustainability of buildings. Through our cutting-edge thermal break technology, we offer notch insulation and condensation resistance supporting architects, engineers and builders in reaching their energy efficiency objectives while upholding superior design and performance standards.

Understanding Thermal Break

A break refers to a material or element inserted between two layers of building materials to lessen bridging and enhance the thermal performance of a building’s envelope. In construction practices materials like aluminum or steel possess high conductivity levels that enable heat or cold transfer from outside to inside a building leading to energy wastage. Decreased comfort levels. The use of break technology effectively interrupts this heat transfer process by creating a barrier that reduces heat flow and improves insulation.

Cutting Edge Thermal Break Solutions

At WINTÜR we provide an array of break solutions customized to cater to the diverse requirements of our clientele. Our engineered thermal break profiles utilize materials and manufacturing methods to ensure optimal performance across various applications such, as windows, doors, facades and curtain walls.

Whether you're working on an office space a residential condo or an institutional building our thermal break solutions are designed to help you achieve top notch energy efficiency and ensure comfort for occupants.

Key Advantages of Thermal Break Solutions

 Energy Efficiency; Our thermal break profiles are crafted to diminish heat transfer through building structures leading to reduced energy usage, for heating and cooling purposes. By minimizing bridging our solutions aid in maintaining indoor temperatures throughout the year while lessening the need for mechanical HVAC systems.

Prevention of Condensation; Aside from boosting energy efficiency our thermal break technology plays a role in preventing condensation formation on surfaces. This helps reduce the risks associated with mold growth, water damage and indoor air quality problems. By managing moisture infiltration our solutions contribute to creating indoor environments and ensuring long lasting building performance.

Versatile Design Options; With an array of profiles, finishes and configurations at your disposal, our thermal break solutions provide design flexibility for architects, designers and builders alike. Whether your preference leans towards minimalism or bold statement designs our profiles can be tailored to complement any vision while meeting performance standards.

Commitment to Sustainability; At WINTÜR we prioritize sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our innovative thermal insulation solutions support buildings, in obtaining eco construction certifications by cutting down on energy usage reducing carbon footprints and enhancing resource efficiency. By opting for WINTÜRs thermal insulation technology you can contribute to creating a friendly built environment and ensuring the longevity of your projects.

Team up with WINTÜR for Your Thermal Insulation Requirements

When you select WINTÜR for your insulation solutions you're aligning with an industry frontrunner dedicated to excellence, creativity and customer contentment. Leveraging our expertise know how and unwavering commitment to quality we deliver top notch thermal insulation solutions that adhere to the highest benchmarks of performance, endurance and dependability. Get in touch with us today to discover more, about our insulation technology. How we can assist you in confidently reaching your energy efficiency objectives.


A thermal break refers to a material or element placed between two layers of construction materials to decrease bridging and enhance the efficiency of a buildings outer covering. It effectively stops the flow of heat or cold, from outside to inside a building thereby improving insulation and energy conservation.

Incorporating a break is vital in construction as it reduces the transfer of heat through building envelopes leading to reduced energy usage for heating and cooling purposes. By minimizing bridging employing thermal break technology boosts comfort levels supports energy efficiency and enhances building performance.

WINTÜRs solutions for breaks offer advantages such as improved energy efficiency, resistance to condensation, design adaptability and sustainability. Our profiles effectively cut down on heat transfer prevent condensation formation offer design versatility and help achieve building certifications like LEED and BREEAM.

WINTÜRs solutions for breaks are suitable, for applications including windows, doors, facades, curtain walls and other components of a buildings outer covering. If you're planning a residential or institutional building project our thermal break profiles are designed to enhance energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Absolutely! WINTÜR offers a range of customization options to cater to the requirements of our clients. With various profiles, finishes and configurations available we can tailor our solutions to complement any design while meeting performance standards.

WINTÜRs thermal break solutions promote sustainability by reducing energy consumption cutting down on carbon emissions and enhancing resource efficiency. By boosting energy efficiency and indoor comfort levels our solutions help buildings attain building certifications and uphold responsibility.

The installation procedure for WINTÜRs break solutions depends on the project requirements and application. Our expert team collaborates closely with architects, designers and builders to ensure an integration process that maximizes the performance of our break profiles in every project.

For details, on how WINTÜRs thermal break solutions can benefit your project feel free to reach out to us today. Our skilled team is here to offer you advice, technical assistance and customized solutions that cater to your requirements and go above and beyond your anticipations.

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